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A MEMS wafer foundry partner for your MEMS devices from prototype to volume production.

APM offers customers the MEMS manufactur-ing services, including wafer processes, wafer-level encapsulation, special dicing, wafer-level probing and testing. The customers may use APM��s process toolboxes and platforms as building blocks to achieve fast develop-ment and production. APM is also willing to customized processes to satisfy special needs. Combined with Its broad product knowledge and experiences, APM becomes not only a process specialist, but a MEMS foundry partner with design support. Its semiconductor manufacturing environment and discipline enable APM to ship thousands of wafers per months in its production line. The shipped wafers include pressure sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, scanning mirrors, micro structures, and other MEMS devices. These MEMS elements are being used in consumer, automotive, industrial, telecommunication, and biomedical applications.

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With our complete MEMS advanced process modules as building blocks, multiple platforms have been built for the fabrication of MEMS devices on Si, Glass, SOI and cavity SOI substrates. These platforms expedite the fabrication iterations for customer's design validation and the product time-to-market.  APM continues on deepening and widening its platform categories, and smooth the integration between them.  Meanwhile, we tailor process flows in order to meet customer's special requirements.
>> SOI / Cavity SOI / SOG
  • Typical SOI Process with Notch Control
  • Multiple Steps Comb Structure
  • High Aspect Ratio and Verticality
  • Silicon-on-glass process with Bonding and Thinning Process
>> Wafer Level Encapsulation
  • Low Temperature Adhesive Bonding
  • Au/Sn, Ge/Al Eutectic Bonding for Hermetic Seal
  • Special Dicing Technology for Encapsulated Wafer 
  • Customized Encapsulation
>> CMOS and MEMS Integration
  • 5v/12v/18v NMOS Capability for Monolithic Smart MEMS
  • Low Temperature Deposition on CMOS Wafers
  • DRIE on CMOS Wafers
  • CMOS/MEMS Wafer Bonding
>> Surface Micromachining
  • Low stress Poly-Si and SiNx Films
  • Lift-off Process
  • Shadow Mask Process for Metalization
  • Piezoresistive Sensing Element
>> Bulk Micromachining
  • Anisotropic Silicon Etching in Time mode and ECE mode
  • DRIE High-aspect-ratio Si Structure
  • Double Side Process Handling and Pattern Alignment  
  • Through Wafer Etch and Interconnection

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