Quality Management

Failure Analysis Capability

APM has internal Failure Analysis Lab for the purpose of identification of defect modes, trouble shooting of failure processes, and tuning of process recipes. In addition, APM also works with external laboratories for intensive failure analysis and reliability testing services. These external laboratories have comprehensive equipments and tools, and are located in Hsinchu Science Park. The collaboration with local vendors facilitates complete analysis capability and fast turnaround time for diverse needs from various customers.


Scanning Electron Microscope
Resolution: 1.0nm (15KV), 2.2nm (1.0KV)
Photo Magnitude: 25~650,000 times
Completely automated electron optics
Specimen chamber for up to 200mm diameter specimen



Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy
Analysis Range: B5 to U92 for Si wafer
Qualitative and Quantative analysis
Resolution: 133 eV
Powerful X-ray mapping utility



Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Resolution: ppm (Flame),ppb (Furnace)                                                
Chemical element: K Na Fe Cu Cr Au Al Ti Ni Mn As Pd Tl In Ca Mg Pb Ag
Impurity analysis in chemical solution