ASAP in Pressure Sensor

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In general, MEMS device fabrication is highly customized. Based on its unique design of each device, MEMS wafer foundry will develop & create proper & robust wafer manufacturing process in order to successfully produce well-functional MEMS devices commercially. Because of significant correlation between MEMS device design and wafer fabrication, it is likely to fall into tedious iterations of design modification and wafer process change over and over again in many cases. Unfortunately, the customer may not be able to reach mass production of MEMS product in its original plan and miss the timing of its business opportunity in this dynamic world. 



Motivation  in APM Support of Assisting Process (ASAP)

Over the years, working as pure-play MEMS foundry, APM fully understand the challenge what the customers are facing and continuously search for the answer how we may assist our customers to resolve this obstacle. With extensive experiences in MEMS wafer production, we are confident that APM can provide the pre-defined & robust manufacturing processing flow & parameters for certain MEMS devices proactively, but still offering enough flexibility in design changing and/or adding other performance features to create your own highly potential MEMS product.  We call it APM Support of Assisting Process (ASAP).  In further, based on this baseline process flow, APM has been working on creating a series of reference devices ready for production. You simply check the genetic specifications to make sure those devices meet your applications. With little or no modification, APM can offer these devices to you in a short period of time. Among all various MEMS devices, at first,  APM will offer this quasi-standard process platform in pressure sensors  - APM Support of Assisting Process in Pressure Sensor   (    ).


Pressure sensors in APM

APM has seen consistent growth in pressure sensors over the years. Up to 2016, it has accumulated its shipment of over 200 million MEMS pressure sensor elements. Pressure sensor elements have been considered as a major recognition of APM’s advanced micromachining technology.   Through our experience in MEMS  foundry business, APM is currently serving customers from a multitude of industries, including automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, and biomedical sectors. In the coming era of the smart devices and Internet of Things (IoT), the pressure sensors continue expanding its applications beyond what it has already been adapted currently. If you are currently looking for MEMS pressure sensor dies in your applications, you can count on our quasi-standard process platform to help you achieving the success of commercializing your product.






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