Manufacturing Experience

Optical MEMS Components

Up to 2015, APM has cumulative production shipments of more than 500 million optical sensing elements, The optical sensing element provides electronic products light sensing and certain related applications. The main process from APM is to integrate the compatible manufacturing processes of the corresponding light sensing element on CMOS wafers.  In integration, it is required to not only make sure the processes do not cause any damage to those CMOS wafers , but also enable continuity of lithography processes from CMOS foundries to APM wafer foundry. At present, thanks to the market pull for high band-width in the data communication, APM also work closely in both development and production of silicon or glass micromachined components through the synergy with strategical and potential customers. Not only APM provides the wafer foundry service of microfabrication processes, we further expand our assistance to those customers making optical components through actively providing recommendations and technical experiences in micromachining to develop their key integrated optical communication components, which is heavily demanded in the data communication in the near future.