Company Profile


Since its establishment in 2001, Asia Pacific Microsystems, Inc. (APM) has been committed to the development and production of MEMS components. APM is one of the world's leading foundries specializing in MEMS wafers to date. Distinguishing it from other MEMS foundries, APM mainly focuses on the business of providing customers MEMS device development and production. In its early years, APM operated as an integrated device manufacturer of MEMS devices, placing particular emphasis on product development of pressure sensors and optical components. Since 2007, based on its profound experiences in MEMS, production, and expertise in micromachining technology, the focus of the company was converted to act as pure-play MEMS foundry to grow its business by expanding the development of more advanced MEMS components. APM currently owns a 6 inch wafer fab with dedicated micromachining processing tools as well as the complete MEMS processing capability.


Expertise in Technology and Process Development

For decades, APM has been accumulating experience in developing various MEMS devices, including sensors, actuators, and micro-components. Because of high customization involved in MEMS device processing, we have established various customized platforms to meet each unique need of the customer. Furthermore, through our many years of experience, APM has come up with a new product introduction process - APM Production Introduction Process (APIP), to systemically guide the MEMS development work of each customer step by step to effectively and efficiently reach production commercialization.

Quality Management System

Quality assurance is one of the keys to mass production. APM has invested much of its resources and efforts in order to maintain high quality MEMS manufacturing. We are certified by IATF 16949, ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001, as well as RoHS. We have adopted a quality management and analysis system from early development to mass production to ensure our MEMS components for our customers are both reliable and of superior quality.

Experiences in Serving Customers from Various Industries

Through our experience in MEMS development and production, APM is currently serving customers from a multitude of industries, including automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, telecommunication, and biomedical sectors. We have established a customized platform for each of our customers’ specific needs. In the coming of the smart era, Industry 4.0, Smart City, and IoT will define the trend for the future. APM continues supporting our customers, who are aiming potential opportunities in the IOT market.

To APM, Customers are Partners

With significant correlation between MEMS device design and process development, APM, counts on its expertise in process development and manufacturing to continue building up long-term trust/synergy with customers to commercialize various high value MEMS components. Together, we will succeed in this up-rising MEMS industry of the future.