Manufacturing Experience

IR Sensors and Gas Sensors


The promise of the Internet of things is monitoring the environment around us in both homes and offices, and then responding to the changes accordingly. Both IR and gas sensors are quickly gaining high interest in the sensing applications for IoT,  including medical diagnostics, imaging and industrial process controls, fire detection and gas leak detection, air pollution monitoring, and etc. As one of MEMS wafer foundries with the long accumulated experiences in numerous devices, APM is constantly engaging the existing and potential customers, thanks to the characteristics of its volume and diversity of the devices in IoT applications. The flexibility in its pure MEMS processing and quickness and/or lower starting cost, as compared to larger wafer size and/or CMOS compatible foundries, APM turns out to be a better choice of MEMS development/production partners in the incoming trend of new device including IR and gas sensors. Through the work progress with different customers, we continue moving their designed devices into the mass production. With more and more technical know-how built around similar devices, APM provides the overall solution timely based on your diverse needs and can shorten the time to market in these MEMS devices.