Dr. Jerwei Hsieh of Asia Pacific Microsystems made a presentation in the first Taiwan MEMS forum

Release Date:05 October 2009 | Data Source:

The first Taiwan MEMS Forum, held in conjunction with last week’s SEMICON Taiwan, provided over 200 attendees with expert insight into the market trends, regional research activities, application developments, and production solutions in the growing MEMS industry.

Further reinforcing Taiwan’s growing role in the global MEMS industry was a presentation by Dr. Jerwei Hsieh of Asia Pacific Microsystems, a MEMS foundry service with close ties to UMC. Dr. Hsieh presented a strong case for the growing role of foundry services in the MEMS market, an opinion shared by Eloy and other industry observers. He sees a 30% compound average growth rate for foundries in MEMS and predicts that fabless MEMS companies will “become mainstream.” APM has developed a comprehensive tool box of process modules, platforms and capabilities to facilitate a high growth MEMS business. At the present time, however, evaluating profitable MEMS business is difficult and a standard MEMS process is still years away.

(Detailed information please refer to SEMI website.)