Technology Development

Technology Development

With our complete MEMS advanced process modules as building blocks, multiple platforms have been built for the fabrication of MEMS devices on Si, Glass, SOI and cavity SOI substrates. These platforms expedite the fabrication iterations for customer's design validation and the product time-to-market. APM continues on deepening and widening its platform categories, and smooth the integration between them. Meanwhile, we tailor process flows in order to meet customer's special requirements.



Substrate Technology


  • Cavity SOI/SOG
  • Trench Isolation Technology
  • Layer Transfer Technology
  • Structured Glass and Glass Wafer Process
  • Thin Wafer Handling





Process Technology


  • DRIE Step Comb / Step Deep Etch 
  • Low Stress Membrane with Dimples
  • Nano Tip Process
  • Fine Pattern on 3D Structures
  • Nano Gap Process 





Wafer Level Encapsulation


  • SGS/GSG Sandwich Anodic Bonding 
  • Capping with Through Silicon Via, Through Glass Via
  • Capping with Lateral Feed Through and Special Dicing 
  • Eutectic Bonding for Hermetic Seal 
  • Low Temperature Adhesive Bonding  



Customized Manufacturing Platform

  • Various Pressure Sensor (>200,000,000 dies shipment)
  • Silicon Microphone (>80,000,000 dies shipment)
  • 2D Micromirrors with Vertical Comb Actuator
  • Optical Bench and V-grooves
  • Micro Fluidic Component and Interposer