Why Teaming up with APM

Advantage with APM

As for APM, customers are our partners. Unlike IC foundries, the work interaction between MEMS foundry and the customer is different.   Because of highly customized effort for each unique device, it will require closer cooperation between the chip designer and the wafer manufacturing foundry to realize well-functional MEMS device.  Over the years, APM accumulates extensive experiences in MEMS wafer production, which allows us further understanding what the customers are looking for and how we can serve them better.  We welcome you to contact us for your inquiry and teaming up with us for highly potential of MEMS product. You can count on our MEMS processing expertise to assist you achieving your business success.


>> Expertise
- Over 15 years of professional experience in MEMS technology -
Accumulating over 15 years of experience in MEMS development and production, APM ranks one of top 10 MEMS foundries in the world.  With a long history working in the process development of diverse MEMS devices, in contrast to no or little experience of newly built MEMS foundries, we can better understand the problems you may encounter and then provide promptly professional technical advice or assistance in your project. Having valuable experience and knowledge in the field of MEMS production, we hope to become your preferred professional MEMS foundry partner


>> One-stop Shopping
- Benefits from agglomeration economies to reduce development time and costs -
Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan, has a complete electrical and electronic supply chain in the world and can offer the demand of vertical integration of any electronics product. This overall infrastructure in the area can provide the customers one-stop shopping to reduce transportation and logistics costs and precious time in production development and manufacturing. In particular, of highly fragmented MEMS industry, it requires closer integration of upstream and downstream suppliers to be competitive.  APM, having long-term industrial partners in MEMS technology in the area, can provide recommendations and referrals beyond the wafer level processing in a timely manner when needed, to assist the customer successfully reaching mass production of MEMS product.


>> Flexibility in Product Manufacturing Process
- Meeting diverse needs in MEMS processes and materials -
APM’s entire business is in MEMS foundry.  Unlike those CMOS-based MEMS foundries, only CMOS compatible processes, limited in materials and process, are adapted to produce MEMS components. Our main business focus is on how to realize the customer’s MEMS device. Hence APM is willing to explore diverse MEMS processes and materials, such as polymers, glass substrate, special precious metals, double-sided wafer process and other more advanced MEMS materials. In addition, APM also own dedicated MEMS processing tools, such as high aspect ratio silicon ICP etcher, wafer bonding machines, and flexible manufacturing process modules to achieve all kinds of customers’ demand in MEMS sensors and actuators.


>> Diversity in Applications
- Numerous experiences in device development for various industrial applications -
With the evolution of science & technology and human needs, the application of MEMS technology becomes more diversified. Sensors and actuators have been widely utilized in various fields and integrated into many applications, such as automotive industry, bio-medical treatment, consumer electronics, fiber-optic communications, and so on. Expecting coming of the smart age, APM is further teaming up with more customers in the world in a joint effort to find a sensing solution in countless smart applications.


>> Customer’s IP Protection and Project Management  Process
- Systematically approach in MEMS development and holding customer’s intellectual property in high regard -
APM holds every customer’s intellectual property in high regard and carefully manage its operation procedure to protect each client's proprietary design and information. In addition, targeting the nature of highly customized MEMS product development, internally, APM have created its new product development procedure called APM Product Introduction Process (APIP), to systematically work toward the goals of the customer’s MEMS development plan according to different stages of its project.