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Since its establishment in 2001, Asia Pacific Microsystems, Inc. (APM) has been committed to the development and production of MEMS wafers. APM is one of the world's leading MEMS foundries, APM focuses on the business of providing customers MEMS device development and production. In its early years, APM operated as an integrated device manufacturer of MEMS devices, placing particular emphasis on product development of pressure sensors and optical components. Since 2007, based on its profound experiences in MEMS production, and expertise in micromachining technology, the focus of the company was converted to act as a MEMS production foundry to grow its business by expanding the customer basis for the production of advanced MEMS components. APM currently owns a 6 inch (150 mm) wafer fab with dedicated micromachining processing tools as well as the complete MEMS processing capability.


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APM history and milestones