Quality Management



IATF 16949 & ISO 9001


For devices in the automotive industry, demanding  safety and  stability are the most critical. In recent years, developing devices for automotive applications is one of APM's main targets. APM expresses the ability to produce the stable and uniform product requested in automotive industry by getting the IATF 16949 Automotive Certification. Through procedure integration and process improvement, APM continuously provides solutions to enhance the defect prevention and reduce variation and cost in a way of innovation. Not only providng the MEMS foundry service, but a whole of quality management in the perspectives of customer and continues to devote itself to build a long-term business partnership with our customers.



ISO 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems


  • Comply with the ESH laws and regulations and other related requirements, thereby reducing operational risk.
  • Prevent accidents, ensure employee health and safety.
  • Respect for employees life, enhance corporate image.
  • Continuous staff training and guidance, implementation of employees and stakeholders hazard inform, improve the safety, health and energy conservation awareness and ability through education and training.
  • Offer comfortable, safe and healthy working environment to meet the needs of employees and customers.
  • Strengthen equipment and management of chemicals, to prevent accidents and avoid injury.



ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System


  • Comply with environmental laws and regulations and other relevant requirements, and development of related standard operating norms and methods to protect the environment.
  • Concerned about environmental protection and energy saving issues, and constantly improve environmental protection and energy management.
  • Continued outreach of environmental protection concept to ensure employee has environmental awareness and the correct behavior.


Through continuous improvement, to achieve product quality improvement, reduce material usage and reduce waste gas, waste water and waste and other pollutants.