Vision, Mission, and Policy

APM continues working its way to be a leader in Microsystems solutions. Having been through the evolution of MEMS industry in the last decade, we truly believe “fab-lite” and “foundry services” will be the future trend. We progressively strengthen our own ability in MEMS manufacturing, and consequently keep our customers with consistent competitive advantages. APM looks forward to long term relationship with its customers, and always works together for mutual success.

  • Vision >>
    A leader in Microsystems solutions
  • Mission >>
    We provide microtechnologies to enhance customers' competitiveness
  • Core value >>
    Innovation  -  Responsibility  -  Integrity
    Sharing       -  Effectiveness    -  Teamwork
  • Policy >>
    Environmental Protection, Safety and Health Policy
  • Maintain the environmental quality and to ensure employees safety and health are the top priorities for all levels of managers.
  • Continue to promote the concepts on Environmental protection, Safety and Health (ESH), to assure all employees have the knowledge on ESH as well as actual and proper practices.
  • Comply with the ESH laws and regulations and other related requirements, and develop the related standard operation procedures and methods to protect employees and to ensure ESH.
  • By continuing improvement, and to enhance products quality, to reduce materials and energy resources consumption, and lower the discharge of pollutants such as waste gas, wastewater, and other wastes, to enhance the safety, health and environmental performance.
  • Strengthen the management of equipment and chemicals to prevent accidents and avoid injuries to employees and to prevent environmental pollution.
  • Communicate with suppliers, customers, contractors, and interested parties regarding the topics of ESH.