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APM, Solution Provider in MEMS Technology and Production

Asia Pacific Microsystems, Inc. has been dedicated to Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) wafer production for over 20 years, making inkjet heads, pressure sensors, environmental sensors, and silicon optical bench. APM has also started supplying AFM/SPM probe products. From the experience accumulated in development and mass production of various MEMS devices, we serve the numerous customers from different industries including automotive, industrial, telecommunication, biomedical sectors and consumer electronics. In the future, APM will continue serving as a solution provider for customers in need of professional development and production of micromachined devices.

To APM, Customers are Partners

With significant correlation between MEMS device design and process development, APM, counts on its expertise in process development and manufacturing to continue building up long-term trust/synergy with customers to commercialize various high value MEMS components. Together, we will succeed in this up-rising MEMS industry of the future.